Are you experiencing saddle, knee, foot, or back pain on your Peloton Bike?

Are you looking to optimize your performance?


We perform the fit virtually (FaceTime or Zoom), wherever your Peloton Bike is setup. Beginning with a physical assessment to identify what makes your body unique. We then address every contact point to your specific needs, and find a safe and comfortable position that ensures efficient riding and injury prevention.


Jim Escobar has owned and operated ProTriFit for nearly 10 years, so he understands the unique needs and desires of athletes of all levels, and can help improve comfort and performance on their bikes. With over 20+ years of race experience and compassion for helping fellow athletes, Jim has developed processes that ensure comfort and performance on your Peloton bike.

Jim is a Certified Bike Fitter from Retül University, Guru Academy, F.I.S.T. Fitness Institute Slowtwitch, Certified USA Cycling Coach, and Certified USA Triathlon Coach.


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